About Athina

- Born in Patras in 1986
- Finished her Bachelor Degree in Greek Philology in 2009 (University of Patras), followed by a Master Degree in Language Studies in 2010 (Lancaster University, U.K.)
- Left her Ph.D. Degree after 5 years of study (University of Athens), for all the reasons of the world, grateful for the broad knowledge she gained throughout the process.
- Worked in the private sector as a creative writer, editor, and proofreader for 4 years (Athens, 2011-2015) but then, again, she changed her mind.

She reads and writes a lot. Really. In fact, that’s the only thing she has never stopped doing since she was a child.
Her personal literary efforts constitute a whole parallel universe where she experiments, transforms and transmutes whatever makes her feel provoked.
She always works in the energetic sphere of her eternal beloved, who accompanies her from life to life, from plane to plane, from one path to another.
But eventually, she had to overcome it and learn to live “without”.
Now she’ s free, she can wholeheartedly continue with her exploration.

“To begin with an A,
To finish with it,
With no circle having being made
But a whirlwind.”

“Even I, the brightest star in your galaxy, know when it’s time to withdraw from your hemisphere. All things come to an end, when there is no further evolution in the chosen path. Time and acceptance will help to bring a situation to its proper close. It’s over now, but nothing can take away what is truly yours. Empty your bottle so that you can have it freshly filled once again, when tomorrow comes.”   Copyright © 2017. Athina

“One of the most important things in life is the magic that lies beneath the surface, the golden stardust that resides in all things. Learn to see it where the others see just ash, learn to feel it where the others feel the cold, learn to make it with your words and deeds, where the others scream or abstain from any action. Pick up your wand and do some magic!”     Copyright © 2017. Athina Zografaki, All

Αναδημοσίευση συνέντευξης Δανάης Δεληγιώργη, από το περιοδικό «Σελίδες για βιβλιόφιλους», στη Σοφία Πολίτου - Βερβέρη. Ημερομηνία: 22/12/2016 [caption id="attachment_376" align="alignleft" width="300"] New dawn, detail, personal acrylic paint on canvas[/caption] Διαβάζοντας με αμείωτο ενδιαφέρον τους Χαρισματικούς του Marcus Sakey, σχετικά με τον τρόπο που οι σύγχρονες κοινωνίες αντιμετωπίζουν τη διαφορετικότητα, δεν μπόρεσα παρά να σκεφτώ ότι, ενώ μέσα στο μυθιστορηματικό κόσμο, οι αναγνώστες είναι πάντα έτοιμοι να ταυτιστούν με έναν χαρακτήρα που μπορεί να κάνει στο δευτερόλεπτο δύσκολες μαθηματικές

Σήμερα νιώθω πως επιτέλους έφτασα. Δυο βράδια πριν, ο δρόμος μου μ’ έβγαλε στη Νάξο, τρικυμισμένος δρόμος, σκοτεινός. Γυρνώντας στα πολύβουα στενά, πήρα να σκέφτομαι την Αριάδνη. Το λυπημένο εκείνο κορίτσι που στεκόταν στην άκρη του λιμανιού. Δεν της έφτασε ο θεός και το κρασί του; Το γλέντι και η χαρά της λησμονιάς; Δεν σου έφτασε, τώρα καταλαβαίνω. Είπες, θνητό θέλω εγώ, μ’ ατέλειες κι αναζητήσεις. Μόνο θνητός ξέρει να σκαρφιστεί να βγει απ’ το λαβύρινθο.

A person breaking free from all kinds of bondages, a baby’s smile, a rain’s drop on our cheek, a magnificent sunset are common everyday experiences that leave traces of aesthetic pleasure on us, since time immemorial. It is not a matter of how many times we ‘ve experienced them, they continue surprising us with their beauty. No ornaments, no exaggerations, no complexity at all are needed here. These traces of beauty are eternally meaningful because they