About Athina

- Born in Patras in 1986
- Finished her Bachelor Degree in Greek Philology in 2009 (University of Patras), followed by a Master Degree in Language Studies in 2010 (Lancaster University, U.K.)
- Left her Ph.D. Degree after 5 years of study (University of Athens), for all the reasons of the world, grateful for the broad knowledge she gained throughout the process.
- Worked in the private sector as a creative writer, editor, and proofreader for 4 years (Athens, 2011-2015) but then, again, she changed her mind.

She reads and writes a lot. Really. In fact, that’s the only thing she has never stopped doing since she was a child.
Her personal literary efforts constitute a whole parallel universe where she experiments, transforms and transmutes whatever makes her feel provoked.
She always works in the energetic sphere of her eternal beloved, who accompanies her from life to life, from plane to plane, from one path to another.
But eventually, she had to overcome it and learn to live “without”.
Now she’ s free, she can wholeheartedly continue with her exploration.

“To begin with an A,
To finish with it,
With no circle having being made
But a whirlwind.”

The Twins: “I fully release you because I most ardently* love you”

Graffiti of twins_Panteios

The Twins: “I fully release you because I most ardently* love you”

“My beloved, you are the soul made from my soul, the heart beating from my heart, the body that I adore as much as my own. It’s time that we shine through both our bright moments and upheavals, following our silver line and breaking down all the outworn societal patterns.

Every single day, each and every moment, I look inside to discover how present you are in everything I do and everything I am. And then, I look outside and I see that a tiny -though important- bit of the world has changed for the better.

I am grateful to the Creator/ress for you. You couldn’t have been more perfect for me than you already are. Your mistakes wisely teach me, your love profoundly heals me. In your presence, oblivion becomes remembrance and turns into awareness. To me, you are comparable to none.

I do not know how it all started nor do I know how or if it’s going to end, but it is pure love and this is all that matters, despite our external appearances, our mental blockages or the deep and personal whirlwinds of the heart.

It is through you that I learned to see the beauty in the mistake, the nonsense in the «know it all», the freedom in letting go, and I am humbled to accept that I will never be able to win or lose us, since the golden fountain never dries out, never fails, never stops, and this is fair enough for me to know.

It is through you that I moved from faith to trust, from blaming to understanding, from a place of clinging onto to a place that I can finally breathe and let life and others just be.

By not “feeling” you, I had to become you. By not “touching” you, I had to stretch my mind and soul to reach out. By not “seeing” you, I had to trust that you were there. By “rejecting” you, I had to stand up for myself. By “forgiving” you, I had to forgive myself, too. By saying “no”, I had to be humbled to the “yes” of our eternal love. By “moving on”, I had to re-discover love again and again on the faces of our fellow brothers and sisters. By “not caring if ”, I had to bet for the endless possibilities that lied ahead.

I am sure that all the battles have not yet been won. We will fail again, we will cry again, we will stumble again and fall… just to learn and laugh again, after a long while.

And now, with a smile and a tear on my face, I gracefully release us for the time being, so that our love can really “make it to the stars”.

At last.”


*Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen, (first published in 1813)


Copyright © 2017 Athina Zografaki. “All rights reserved”.

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