About Athina

- Born in Patras in 1986
- Finished her Bachelor Degree in Greek Philology in 2009 (University of Patras), followed by a Master Degree in Language Studies in 2010 (Lancaster University, U.K.)
- Left her Ph.D. Degree after 5 years of study (University of Athens), for all the reasons of the world, grateful for the broad knowledge she gained throughout the process.
- Worked in the private sector as a creative writer, editor, and proofreader for 4 years (Athens, 2011-2015) but then, again, she changed her mind.

She reads and writes a lot. Really. In fact, that’s the only thing she has never stopped doing since she was a child.
Her personal literary efforts constitute a whole parallel universe where she experiments, transforms and transmutes whatever makes her feel provoked.
She always works in the energetic sphere of her eternal beloved, who accompanies her from life to life, from plane to plane, from one path to another.
But eventually, she had to overcome it and learn to live “without”.
Now she’ s free, she can wholeheartedly continue with her exploration.

“To begin with an A,
To finish with it,
With no circle having being made
But a whirlwind.”

Shadow On The Wall: “Claim your light back”

20161127_145515 (2)

Shadow On The Wall: “Claim your light back”

“I am a creepy shadow, a negative influence which makes you feel uncomfortable, even scared. I try to obscure the source of my appearance in your life, so as you can’t figure out where I do come from. And this is my way to keep you blindfolded and restrained.

In this state of mind, you fail to see that you left me to grow bigger and bigger on your wall. The more you feed me with your fear, the stronger I become. The more you worry about me, the more you justify my existence.

Turn a cold solder and I will diminish. Shed the first light and I will disappear. Claim your light back and I won’t be able to touch you.”


Copyright © 2017. Athina Zografaki, All rights reserved.

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