About Athina

- Born in Patras in 1986
- Finished her Bachelor Degree in Greek Philology in 2009 (University of Patras), followed by a Master Degree in Language Studies in 2010 (Lancaster University, U.K.)
- Left her Ph.D. Degree after 5 years of study (University of Athens), for all the reasons of the world, grateful for the broad knowledge she gained throughout the process.
- Worked in the private sector as a creative writer, editor, and proofreader for 4 years (Athens, 2011-2015) but then, again, she changed her mind.

She reads and writes a lot. Really. In fact, that’s the only thing she has never stopped doing since she was a child.
Her personal literary efforts constitute a whole parallel universe where she experiments, transforms and transmutes whatever makes her feel provoked.
She always works in the energetic sphere of her eternal beloved, who accompanies her from life to life, from plane to plane, from one path to another.
But eventually, she had to overcome it and learn to live “without”.
Now she’ s free, she can wholeheartedly continue with her exploration.

“To begin with an A,
To finish with it,
With no circle having being made
But a whirlwind.”

One Text, Many Voices

One Text, Many Voices

We write a certain text, be it a story, a script, a legal statement or a scientific paper. And it‘s true that we may have the copyright for every single word we use in it. But, if we would like to be totally honest, we would discover many voices, other people’s ideas and ideals portrayed in our work. This aspect of writing is so wide and subtle that, at times, we may fail to recognize when it is actually one’s own idea, phrase or not.

So, apart from the legal part, in order to be fully aware of what we can or cannot produce, we should be true and responsible with the information we use in our texts. When we have evidence, we have to present our sources. When it’s someone else’s research, study or work, we should mention it. When it is a personal experience or stance, we better be clear about it. And when it is someone else’s idea or opinion that inspired us, we should acknowledge his/her contribution.

It is only fair for every single “voice” that lends its power to our text, either directly or indirectly, to be mentioned. This is one of the writers’ way to do justice, by avoiding plagiarisms, using quotation marks, providing all relevant sources, names and references.

But, in the final analysis, there is always a deeper reason for a commitment like that: By honoring our fellows’ originality, we learn to become original ourselves. And to my opinion, this is what matters most.



Copyright © 2017. Athina Zografaki, All rights reserved.

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